I can tackle many jobs you do not have the time to do. I can:

  • be a mother’s helper
  • offer traditional babysitting
  • accompany children to/from lessons, activities, field trips
  • visit the library and engage children in reading
  • organize games at events and parties
  • help your children complete chores (organizing rooms, etc)
  • read aloud (language practice)
  • facilitate arts and crafts (and the cleanup, too!)
  • land the airplane spoon in your baby’s mouth
  • make crafts
  • bake cookies
  • skate at an NVRC rink
  • assemble that Playmobil or Lego extravaganza
  • get them ready for outings

And much more!

$12 per hour, with a minimum $24 charge.

Ready-made crafts, baking kits, and transportation is extra.

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